The Cameroon Press and Publishing Company (SOPECAM), created by decree n ° 77/250 of July 18, 1977, was transformed by decree n ° 2016/216 of April 28, 2016, into a company with public capital ; having; the State   as   sole   shareholder.   Since   April 28   2016,   SOPECAM is a company with public capital.
The Société de Presse et Éditions du Cameroun aims to: available for the use of all audiences, inside and outside Cameroon, by all appropriate means, in particular publishing and the press agency;

- Editing and publication of all works, particularly in the fields of artistic and literary creation, scientific and technical production;
- Printing documents of any kind;
- The dissemination and distribution, on any medium, of all works and publications; 
- The development of all activities related or complementary to its corporate purpose.

The initial share capital of the Cameroon Press and Publishing Company is set at the sum of CFA francs 2,564,670,000 (two billion five hundred sixty four million six hundred and seventy thousand), the registered office of the Company de Presse et Éditions du Cameroun is located in Yaoundé, on the main Yaoundé-Nsimalen axis, near the Brasserie du Cameroun.  
It is placed under supervision:  
- Technical of the Ministry of Communication  
- Financial of the Ministry of Finance,
Its main missions are as follows:  
- Search   elements   of a   complete   by   all   means appropriate inside and   outside Cameroon;  
- Receive a constant service of global news by agreement or alliances with foreign news agencies    
- Make all of this internal and external information available to all public or private users, inside and outside, in order to better
inform the world of life about economic, social and economic activities. culture of the nation (create a link to the Cameroon Tribune website);  
- Editing books and brochures, newspapers and periodicals on behalf of administrations and individuals (creating a link to the   the   ; Editions SOPECAM website and the websites for NYANGA magazine and Weekend Sports et Loisirs);  
- Perform printing work of any kind that may be entrusted to it (create a link to the SOPECAM printing site); .

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